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For catering inquiries, contact Amanda at:
(503) 293-1790 or amanda@salvadormollys.co

Vibrant flavors make the perfect centerpiece for any gathering. Conversations are livelier, smiles wider, ideas a little sharper when your guests discover a new taste, an unusual ingredient, served up with tropical style. For any special occasion: wedding celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries, summer picnics, office lunch, staff meetings and beyond.

We’ll help you plan and execute the perfect celebration and add a little taste of paradise! Salvador Molly’s Catering is full service and totally flexible. We’ll pack your food ready for pick up or we’ll bring it to you and set everything up. Full service including decorations, flowers and servers are also available.




Your build-your-own custom taco bar comes complete with white corn tortillas, garlic-lime aioli, salsa fresca, crema, crisp red and green shredded cabbage, cotija cheese, Yucatan pink pickled onions and cilantro-onion taqueria mix, as well as our yellow coconut rice and spicy black beans.

Your Meats: Yucatan chicken, Jerk Chicken, Mojo Kalua Pork, Tamarindo BBQ Pork.

Your Veggies: Jerk vegetables, Tamarindo BBQ vegetables, Chimichurri vegetables

One filling $12.50 per person (add $1.50 per person for tofu)
Two fillings $16.50 per person (add $1.50 per person for tofu)
Three fillings $19.50 per person (any 3 choices)
Add Taqueria-sized flour tortillas .80 for two

Four hours notice


BBQ Pork Slider Bar – Toasted slider rolls, pulled BBQ pork and coconut-mango slaw, all delivered separately to build your own sliders!

Platter for 12 (16 pieces)   $30.00

Platter for 20 (24 pieces)   $48.00

Platter for 50 (56 pieces)   $115.00


Yucatan Chicken Tamale

Artichoke and Cotija Cheese

Vegan Tamales

Our tamales are hand-made, freshly steamed and entrée-sized (a meal, not a snack!). Let us know if you’d like yours cut in half.

All Tamales come with crema, cotija cheese, salsa fresca, fresh house-made guacamole and Yucatan pink pickled onions. Tamale bar also comes with yellow rice and spicy black beans on the side.

$12.50 per person   

Try them “Borracho” – topped with mild red chile sauce and lots of melted cheese  Add $2.00 per person

Four hours notice


Shrimp Satay Platter

Choose up to three flavors on each platter.
Chimichurri (shrimp + cherry tomato) with garlic-lime aioli
Berebere (shrimp + cush cush crouton) with roasted tomato aioli
King Creole (shrimp + red & green bell pepper) with Heartbreak aioli
Tandoori (shrimp + cucumber) with mint raita
Garlic Mojo (shrimp + tomato wedge) with garlic-lime aioli
Tamarindo BBQ (shrimp + red onion) with Tamarindo BBQ sauce
Korean Bulgogi (shrimp + lime wedge) with Coral Reef sauce
Platter for 12 people 12 shrimp satay + 6 oz sauce  $50.40
Platter for 20 people  20 shrimp satay + 14 oz sauce  $87.52
Platter for 50 people  50 shrimp satay + 20 oz sauce  $160.50

48 hours notice

Molly’s Global Chicken Satay Platter

Choose up to three flavors on each platter.

Jamaican Jerk  with mango chutney
Korean Bulgogi  with smoked sesame-onion dip
Namibian Braii  with red chile aioli
Peruvian Aji-Limon  with avocado crema
Trinidad Tamarind BBQ  with mango mustard
Argentinian Chimichurri  with garlic-lime aioli
Indian Tandoori  with cucumber-mint raita
Platter for 12 (15 skewers + 6 oz sauce)  $28.50
Platter for 20 (25 skewers + 12 oz sauce)  $42.50
Platter for 50 (60 skewers + 20 oz sauce)  $105.50

48 hours notice

Beef Satay Platter

Choose up to three flavors on each platter.
*All Beef satay prepared with choice American flatiron steak*
Chimichurri (2 oz beef + cherry tomato) with garlic-lime aioli
Berebere (2 oz beef + cush cush crouton) with roasted tomato aioli
King Creole (2 oz beef + red&green bell pepper) with Heartbreak aioli
Tandoori (2 oz beef + cucumber) with mint raita
Garlic Mojo (2 oz beef + tomato wedge) with garlic-lime aioli
Tamarindo BBQ (2 oz beef + red onion) with Tamarindo BBQ sauce
Korean Bulgogi (2 oz beef + lime wedge) with Coral Reef sauce
Platter for 12 people 12 beef satay + 6 oz sauce  $89.75
Platter for 20 people  20 beef satay + 14 oz sauce  $140.50
Platter for 50 people  50 beef satay + 20 oz sauce  $330.00

48 hours notice

World Tour Platter – $130

Namibian Braii chicken skewers
6 each, with garlic-lime aioli and spicy red chile sauce  GF

Hongos con Aji
Spanish garlic and smoked paprika pan-seared mushrooms . Served with grilled garlic bread.

Jerk Shrimp Skewers
6 each, with grilled mango chutney  GF

Turkish Ajvar & Flatbread
8 oz roasted vegetable dip, 5 oz Labneh, Aleppo pepper & EVOO, grilled flatbread, sliced cucumber  V

Peruvian Green Quinoa Salad
8 oz salad, corn tortilla chips VE/GF

48 hours notice

Bollywood Platter – $125

Tandoori Chicken Skewers
6 each, with cucumber-mint raita dip   GF

Baigan Choka
8 oz savory roasted eggplant dip, grilled flatbread   VE

Masala Shrimp skewers
6 each, with mango-tamarind sauce   GF

Coriander Roasted Aloo Gobi
Golden potatoes and local Cauliflower with mint raita  V/GF

Curry-Seared Paneer
Spiced cubes of seared paneer cheese on a bed of garlic-wilted greens GF

48 hours notice

Southeast Asia Platter – $130

Green Curry Chicken skewers
6 each with mango salsa  GF

Tamarind Shrimp Satay
6 each, with Tamarindo bbq sauce  GF

Bulgogi Beef Satay
6 each on a bed of herb-onion crunch salad   GF

Charred Mango Salsa
16 oz of our unique, spicy, mango-tomato-chile salsa, with wonton chips   V

Thai Sausage
12  grilled medallions of our house-made Thai pork sausage, with sriracha aioli dip    GF

48 hours notice

Mexican Fiesta Platter – $150

Pollo en Pibil Chicken skewers
6 each, marinated in pineapple juice and achiote paste, with garlic-lime aioli   GF

Jalisco Triple Dip
8 oz each pico de gallo, salsa Mo’cajete, fresh guacamole, plus white corn tortilla chips VE/GF

Papas Bravas
Wedges of Yukon Gold Potatoes roasted with garlic & chipotle chiles,  with roasted tomato-chile crema

Cerveza Beef skewers
6 each flatiron steak skewers, marinated in Mexican dark beer & garlic, on a bed of herb-onion crunch salad   GF

Cumin Shrimp skewers
6 each, with avocado crema   GF

48 hours notice

Caribbean Queen Platter – $128

Jerk Chicken Skewers
6 each, plus grilled mango chutney   GF

Pineapple Bacon Skewers
Glazed with tangy tamarind mustard!    GF

Tamarind Shrimp Satay
6 each, with mango salsa   GF

Jamaican Herb-Roasted Gold Potatoes
Yukon gold potato wedges roasted with thyme, garlic and a smidge of habanero, with garlic-lime aioli   V/GF

Red Stripe Beef skewers
6 each flatiron steak skewers marinated in Red Sripe beer & garlic, with spicy charred tomato dip   GF

48 hours notice

Molly’s Sandwich Sampler Platter

Choose up to three sandwich choices

La Cubana – Slices of our classic ham, pork, Swiss cheese, dill pickle & yellow mustard, with garlic-lime aioli and pickled onion on a toasted Cuban roll.

Jerk Chicken and Mango – Wedges of juicy chargrilled chicken breast, grilled mango chutney, garlic spinach and garlic-lime aioli on toasted baby rolls.

Thai Sausage Baguette – Medallions of house-made grilled Thai-spiced pork sausage, spicy aioli, sliced jalapeno and herb-onion crunch on grilled baby rolls.

Peanut Chicken Satay – Wedges of lean grilled chicken breast with mild peanut sauce, sliced fresh jalapeno, and herb-onion crunch salad on a toasted baby rolls.

Bollito Slider – A crisp, garlicky bollito (black-eyed pea fritter – think falafel) with smoked onion-sesame dip, lettuce and tomato on a toasted slider roll.   V

Viva Elvis! – Buttered and grilled thick-cut egg bread layered with smoky bacon, sweet bananas and creamy peanut butter.

Platter for 12 (16 pieces)   $60.50

Platter for 20 (24 pieces)   $90.50

Platter for 50 (56 pieces)   $210.50

4 hours notice


Priced per person


Ocho Rios Jerk Chicken with Mango Sambal: $9.00 Our authentic, mildly spicy marinade on chargrilled chicken breast*, golden coconut rice and grilled mango chutney (on the side).

Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken: $9.00 Teriyaki & pineapple juice glazed chicken breast*, chargrilled. Served over Hawaiian pineapple rice with Sriracha aioli (on the side).

Bulgogi Chicken: $9.00  Mildly spicy chargrilled and glazed chicken breast*, served over toasted sesame rice with pan-roasted scallions.

Tandoori Chicken: $9.00 Richly seasoned, coconut milk marinated, and chargrilled chicken breast*, served over golden coconut rice with cucumber-mint raita (on the side).

Louisiana King Jambalaya: $9.95  Marinated chicken, smoked Creole sausage and Holy Trinity vegetables simmered with rice in our zesty Creole tomato sauce. Also available vegetarian, made with seasonal vegetables. Served with wedges of fresh-baked cornbread.

Kalua Mojo Pork: $9.95 Our signature Cuban-Hawaiian fusion smoked shredded pork, available with Mojo Garlic Sauce or Tamarindo BBQ, served with garlic mashed potatoes and coconut-mango slaw.

Chakchouka: $8.95 Harissa-braised veggies over vegan polenta. Traditionally served with egg on top, but we are happy to prepare this strictly vegan for you.

*Chicken breasts are all-natural, boneless and skinless, and cut in half for ease of service.



Our house-made desserts are all made with real dairy cream and butter, pure cane sugar and Callebaut chocolate. No artificial anything!


Double Chocolate Roulade

Tender chocolate spongecake rolled in a spiral with dark chocolate mousse, glazed with bittersweet Belgian chocolate. $30.00 per roll

*Each roll serves 10-15 and comes with 8 oz of roasted red pepper-raspberry sauce.

Pina Colada Cuban Bread Pudding

Airy Cuban bread, sweet coconut and juicy pineapple baked into a luscious custard with a caramelized top. $70.00 per pan or $7.50 per cube

**Each pan serves 25-40 and comes with a pint and a half of Tres Leches sauce. A cube is suitable for sharing and comes with 2 oz Tres Leches sauce.

Available hot or cold – just let us know!

Aztec Chile-Chocolate Mousse

Rich, dark chocolate mousse spiked with cinnamon and chile, served with cinnamon-sugar flour tortilla chips. $2.50 per person (12 person minimum order)

Thai Kaffir Lime and Cashew Cheesecake
Creamy and cool, this blend of yogurt and cream cheese on a toasted cashew nut crust has just the right amount of pucker. Served with a toasted caramel sauce.

$30.00 per dozen

For catering inquiries, contact Phil at:
(503) 293-1790 or phil@salvadormollys.com