Want to be a part of the Molly Mob?

Join today and get $5 off your next visit

plus start earning points to spend at Salvador Molly’s!

Sign up by texting “Mobster” to 503-451-6566

Sign-Up for Molly’s Mob

Hi, I’m Molly. Want to be a part of my Mob? All you have to do is sign up and you’ll be part of the gang, and get some big kickbacks. You can sign up for the mob by texting “Mobster” to 503-451-6566. Follow the prompts. You’ll get $5 off your next visit to Salvador Molly’s and start earning points toward big rewards. See the details below.
Make sure we have your name, phone number (I won’t call), email address (I’ll only write twice a month) and birthday. Well send you special discounts by text a couple of times a month too. Of course you can opt out at any time.

Here’s how to get points:

Every $1.00 you spend at Salvador Molly’s gets you 1 pt. Simply text “Points” or “Mobster” to 503-451-6566 when your server hands you your check and enters the order number at the bottom of the slip. It’s that easy.

What do points do for you?

Every time one of my mob gets to a new level I give them more stuff. Why? I’m loyal to my best friends as long as they are loyal to me. Isn’t that the definition of family? Ok maybe not but it sounded good.
So join my Mob today. You won’t be sorry (plus you can opt out at any time if you don’t like free stuff).

Mobsters – Sign Up

-Sign up now and get $5.00 off your check
-Free appetizer each month of the year
-Free birthday entrée

Best Friends – 250 points

When you gain 250 points at Salvador Molly’s you become part of the “Flavor Savor” mob. You’re moving up to the big time now
-$25 off your next meal
-You will get $10 in your account to use for food and beverages
-Free appetizer each month of the year
-Free birthday entrée w/ dessert

Hot Tamale – 750 points

When you gain 750 points you become a Real Hot Tamale
-$35 off your next meal
-10% off your meals for the whole year
-Come help us choose our menu items. Be a part of a panel that gets to choose what will be on Molly’s menu
-You get to choose one non-profit to receive 20% of Salvador Molly’s proceeds on one specific night during the calendar year
-Free appetizer each month of the year
-Free birthday entrée for two w/ appetizer and dessert
-$25.00 gift certificate to keep or give to a friend