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Our Mission

It may have started in 1990 while watching a nimble kid climb a coconut tree in Ocho Rios, with a cup of Blue Mountain coffee in one hand and a beef patty in the other. Or was it in at a street market in Oxcutzcab, Mexico in 1988 when tasting the amazing chicken in the tamale the wrinkled old lady served him from a battered steamer on the sidewalk?

It doesn’t really matter. Before there was a Salvador Molly’s, we loved to travel and eat. Whether Kingston, Cape Town, or New Orleans, the first thing we do when we hit town is plan our days around what to eat. Or not. When visiting Miami and Key West we had only a few precious days, so we skipped the beaches and night clubs, and just ate all day long.

Salvador Molly’s has always been about food and travel. New tastes flavor each experience when visiting a foreign culture.

And when all is said and done, we just like bringing food home to share with friends and family from wherever in the world it comes from. This blog is a virtual storehouse of food, ideas, recipes, stories, pictures, and pretty much anything about travel and dining worth sharing. Obviously some of this exploring will result in new flavors and dishes making its way to the menu at Salvador Molly’s. Who knows maybe you’ll find a dish named after you? We should be so lucky. Or maybe it will help you to plan some great meals at home. Either way it sure should be interesting.

So, pack your bags and your tastebuds and let’s go exploring. After all, that’s what Pirate Cookin’ is truly about.