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Great Balls of Fire



Our famous habanero cheese fritters!
Eat all five with ALL the sauce & get your picture on our

5 Balls for $9.95 / 3 Balls $6.25 / 1 Ball $2.95

Now you can suffer at home!


Great Balls of Fire Mix – $7.95

The world famous Great Balls of Fire is now available as a home mix so you can do it yourself! The perfect appetizer to spice up any party. Host a food challenge of your own at your next event! Come down to the restaurant and bring home a bag today, or click the buy button below to order one (or more!) bags for $7.95/ea and have it shipped directly to your home.      ($5.95 shipping for up to 2 packages)

King or Queen of Heat Fundraiser!

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Each year hundreds of brave, if somewhat foolhardy, souls eat Great Balls of Fire to help Oregon Energy Fund pay winter heating bills for families in need across the state. The Toughest Tongue, King/Queen of Heat and other contests induce crazies and competitive types to eat more than anyone ever should. But it’s for a good cause and lots of fun to watch. Local TV, radio and social media often give the events colorful coverage.

The challenge sounds simple: Eat all 5 Great Balls of Fire with Sunshine & Pain hot sauce. If you are successful, your photo will be immortalized on Facebook and our Hall of Flame. Over the years, hundreds have done it including Travel Channel’s Man vs Food. But don’t be fooled. Read the warning sign. Think it over. This is seriously hot stuff. Gastrointestinal distress is pretty much guaranteed. We’ll make you sign a release because no one walks away unscathed.

Congrats to our big 2017 winner Larry Ferguson, who made a return appearance from his 2011 win. Larry threw it down with a whopping 22 Great Balls of Fire!

Interested in 2019? Start practicing now!