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The Food Scene in Bangkok Part 1 Emily Trenholm

Emily Trenholm updates us from Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok seems to be a city where eating is the number-one occupation (followed closely by shopping). Every square inch of sidewalk in our neighborhood (and most others) is given over to food preparation and sale – from single stands selling pineapple or baked goods to entire block-long enterprises. These businesses include various stations where different family members prepare soup, sautees, fried items, salads, set up and wait tables, wash dishes on the sidewalk, etc. From early in the morning until well after midnight, Thai families sit down for a quick meal right on the sidewalk. The food so far has been fantastic. We’ve eaten primarily Thai food – curries, lots of seafood (especially squid, Emily’s favorite), often steamed with lime. The fruit also is wonderful – mango, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, etc.