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The Food Scene in Bangkok, Thailand

Emily Trenholm updates us from Bangkok, Thailand.

We have eaten some incredible food in our time in Bangkok and Cambodia. Much of the restaurants serve Thai food; many of the dishes are curries or stir fries, incorporating coconut milk, chilies, and fresh herbs. The Khmer cuisine of Cambodia uses some of the same ingredients but is considerably less seasoned (some would say it is bland). One specialty there is Fish Amok (pictured here), which is fish with coconut milk steamed in a banana leaf. It is delicious and beautifully presented. In Laos, where we are now, the food draws from both Thailand and Vietnam, along with Laotian specialties. There is less seafood since Luang Prabang is not on the coast, although river fish is plentiful. One local delicacy we sampled is khai phun, dried seasoned river moss, a Luang Prabang specialty. Believe it or not, it was great.