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Pineapple Pibil Pork Sliders


1lb cooked shredded BBQ pork
1/2 package achiote seasoning (available @ Winco and any Latin grocery)
1 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup pineapple chunks

12 slider rolls, warm
Thinly sliced white onion (milder than yellow, optional)
Cilantro springs (optional)

Place pineapple juice in small saucepan with achiote. Cook, stirring to break up and dissolve spices. Reduce by half.
Warm BBQ pork in saucepan, oven or microwave. Mix in pineapple chunks and reduced juice-achiote blend and keep warm.
Serve with slider rolls, sliced white onions, cilantro and extra napkins. This does well in a Crock pot for parties and tailgating, too.
Terrific with BBQ tempeh instead of the pork!

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