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GREAT BALLS OF FIRE – V Our famous habanero cheese fritters! Eat all five with ALL the sauce & get your picture on our HALL of FLAME! 5 Balls for $10.95 / 3 Balls $7.25 / 1 Ball $3.95

FEAR THE REAPER - V Are you ready to beat the reaper? Take down two Great Balls of Fire "plus" 3 Reapers and their hot Carolina Reaper sauce! One ball $5.99 / 3 Reapers $14.95 / Challenge $19.95

COCOS BAY CALAMARI  Fried crisp in our secret spice blend. Served with Coral Reef sauce & cucumber mint raita. $13.95

CHEESY POOFS V Fritters of molten gooey cheese, chipotle chile & mashed potato. Served with crema & salsa molcajete. $8.95

SHANGHAI COWBOY ROLLS  East meets West in a Molly style crispy eggroll stuffed with pulled pork, black beans, eggs, sautéed cabbage & carrot, in a crispy fried wrapper. Served with mint raita & spicy teriyaki sauce. $9.95

POTATO BHAJJI - India - VE/GF - Crisp, hand formed fritters of shredded Yukon Gold potatoes and green peas with our own Tandoori Queen spice blend. Served with  spicy mint chutney. $8.50

TAMARINDO TANGO SATAY – The Caribbean–A trio of frilled chicken satay glazed with our own Tamarindo Tango BBQ sauce. Served over turmeric rice and coconut mango slaw. $9.95

AFRO-CARIBBEAN BOLLITOS V/GF Crunchy fritters of black-eyed peas served with garlic-lime aioli, sesame-onion dip & fresh coriander-onion sprinkle. $8.95

AJVAR & LABNEH (EYE-Var & LAB-ney) - Turkey - V Creamy & cool house-made Labneh (Turkish-style yogurt) topped with Aleppo pepper, salt & virgin olive oil, perfect for scooping up together with the warm & savory eggplant & pepper spread (the Ajvar). Served with grilled flatbread & crisp veggies. Great for sharing. $13.50

HOUSE-MADE GUACAMOLE – Mexico – VE/V/GF  Classic Latin recipe with chunks of tomato, onion & jalapeno. Served with corn tortilla chips. Small (serves 2) $8.99/Large (serves 4) $13.50

RASTA RINGS – V Golden, beer-batter dipped, hand-cut onion rings with garlic-lime aioli. Small (serves 2) $8.95/Large (serves 4) $12.95

YUCA FRITA - Cuba - VE/GF - Crisp fried Yuca rot tossed in garlic oil. Served with garlic Mojo sauce and our Roasted Garlic Habanero hot sauce for dipping. Large (10 pieces, serves 3-5) $11.50 / Half (5 pieces, serves 2) $7.95

CARIBBEAN SUNSET WINGS - Molly's Original - Crisp fried marinated chicken wings tossed in a pineapple - chile glaze, served with celery sticks and sriracha rand dip. Full $14.50 / Half $8.95


CURRY DAHL with SWEET POTATO SOUP – V/GF Richly seasoned red lentils with house-blended curry, a dollop of sweet potato & a drizzle of cool crema. Big Bowl $7.95 Cup $4.95

GARLIC LIME CHICKEN SOUP  Molly’s house-made chicken soup. Topped with garlic croutons, cotija cheese & pickled onions. Big Bowl $7.95 Cup $4.95

COTIJA CAESAR Mexico – V Crisp romaine tossed with garlic Caesar dressing, cotija cheese, pickled onions & garlic-cheese croutons. Entrée $13.50 Starter $8.50

Add Jerk Chicken or Grilled Tofu $4.95 / Add Mojo Beef $6.95

CALCUTTA SPINACH SALAD – VE/GF Fresh spinach, cucumber chow-chow, curry toasted coconut, red onion & mango chutney vinaigrette. Entrée $12.50 Starter 7.50 Add Jerk Chicken or Grilled Tofu $4.95 / Add Mojo Beef $6.95

YUCATAN SUNSHINE BOWL Yucatan Peninsula Cotija Caesar topped with black beans, rice, Yucatan chicken, cheese, salsa fresca, guacamole, crema, pickled onions & sunshine tostada crisps. $14.50

Dinner Menu


BAJA SABA FISH TACOS – Baja, Mexico Moist, flaky, Vietnamese Saba dipped in our signa- ture beer batter. Served on white corn tortillas with cabbage, garlic-lime aioli, crema, cotija cheese, pickled onion & salsa fresca. Comes with yellow rice & spicy black beans. $14.50

KALUA MOJO PORK – Hawaii – GF Our Cuban twist on a Hawaiian favorite! Smoked shredded pork grilled with onions & sweet peppers with your choice of Cuban garlic mojo or Tamarindo BBQ sauce. Served with dirty garlic mashers, Jamma Jamma greens & coconut-mango slaw. $17.50

TSUNAMI SURFER TACOS – Baja, Mexico – GF Your choice of: Kalua pork, Yucatan chicken, Jerk chicken or Tinga Tofu on soft corn tortillas with garlic lime aioli, crema, cotija cheese, cilantro-onion mix & salsa fresca. Served with yellow rice & black beans. $13.95

PATONG BEACH FISH CAKES– Thailand- Grilled fish cakes with a hint of spice, served over a bright tomato curry with turmeric rice, spice-charred tomatoes, cucumber-carrot chow chow, mint-raita, and grilled flatbread. $18.50

BULGOGI BBQ TACOS – Korea Juicy steak bites marinated in a classic Bulgogi marinade. Sautéed & served on flour tortillas, topped with spicy aioli & herb-onion crunch. This east-meets-west deliciousness comes with spicy black beans & yellow rice. $14.95

DRUM PAN JERK BBQ – Jamaica – GF Juicy roasted split half chicken, finished on the grill. Served with roasted sweet potatoes, grilled mango relish, Jamma Jamma greens & coconut-mango slaw. $18.95

TAMARINDO TANGO BBQ RIBS - Indonesia - Big, juice pork ribs, rubbed in garlic and brown sugar, char-grilled and slow-cooked. Finished with our spicy-sweet-tangy Tamarindo Tango BBW sauce, toasted sesame seeds and scallions. Served over sweet potato waffle fries and coconut-mango slaw. $19.95

LOUISIANA KING JAMBALAYA – Louisiana Marinated chicken, smoked Creole sausage & large shrimp simmered in our zesty house-made Creole sauce with red & green bell peppers, onions & celery, served around moist Creole rice with a wedge of fresh-grilled cornbread. $17.95

*NORTH AFRICAN CHAKCHOUKA – North Africa – V/GF Crisp African-style polenta, topped with Harrisa spiked slow braised veggies, crowned with an egg sunny side up. Lightly spicy. $14.50

Add Mojo Beef $6.50/Grilled Tofu $4.50

MOLLY’S HOT TAMALES (TA-Molly’s) – Mexico – GF What started it all! Steamed, served with crema, cotija cheese, salsa fresca, pickled onion & guaca- mole, with yellow rice & spicy black beans on the side. $13.95

Your choice of: Yucatan Chicken, Verde Pork, Artichoke Hearts & Cotija Cheese V or Vegan – VE “Do it Borracho!” – Add mild red chili sauce & lots of melted cheese. $2.50

TAMARIND MINT SHRIMP CURRY – Southern India – GF Richly spiced, house blended tamarind mint curry with onions, spinach, sweet peppers & large shrimp. Topped with curry roasted coconut, fresh mint leaves & garnished with chile-lime roasted peanuts. Served with yellow rice. $16.50

BARBADOS MAC PIE – Caribbean – V Elbow macaroni, fresh cream, sharp cheddar, fire-roasted tomatoes & a hint of chilies, topped with a bit more cheese & baked in a banana leaf. Served with Jamma Jamma greens. $13.95

*PAMPAS CHIMICHURRI STEAK – Argentina – GF Fire grilled steak topped with our citrus-herb chimichurri sauce. Served with Jamma Jamma greens, dirty garlic mashed potatoes & charred tomato. $22.95


LA CUBANAMiami The Miami classic street combo sandwich of smoked pork, ham & Swiss cheese, with dill pickle, pickled onions, mustard & garlic-lime aioli. Crisped in our Cuban sand- wich press & served with spicy black beans. $13.95

PELE’S VOLCANO Ho’okipa Beach Slow roasted pulled pork, tamarind BBQ sauce & molten cheese. Served open faced or as a hoagie on hurricane garlic fries. $14.95

*THE TRINI BURGER – Trinidad–  1/2 lb fresh beef patty, chargrilled and topped with Tamarindo Tango BBQ sauce, bacon, swiss cheese, and grilled mango chutney. Served on a toasted sesame seed roll with lettuce, tomato,  garlic-lime aioli and a side of hurricane garlic fries. $14.95

CATFISH PO'BOY - Louisiana Bayou - Strips of juicy catfish marinated in buttermilk and hot sauce, fried crisp in our Creole-spiced white cornmeal. Served on a warm roll with lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, and tomato remoulade, and a side of hurricane garlic fries. $14.95

CHICKEN SATAY – Bagu Beach A simple take on a popular Thai street snack. Grilled chicken breast, sliced & topped with a mild peanut sauce. Served on a ciabatta roll with fresh jalapeno & herb-onion crunch with crunch, and coconut-mango slaw. $13.50

JERK CHICKEN & MANGO SANDWICH Jamaica Juicy jerk chicken breast on our own freshly baked roll with garlic-lime aioli, grilled mango relish, garlic spinach & pickled onions. Served with roasted sweet potatoes. $13.50

TINGA TOFU TORTA Michoacan - V Chipotle-spiced roasted tofu, grilled and layered onto a toasted ciabatta roll with guacamole, pickled onions, lettuce, tomato & black beans. Served with shoestring sweet potato fries. $13.50

BBQ PORK SLIDERS - Three mini mountains of Tamarindo BBQ pork & coconut-mango slaw served with hurricane garlic fries. $13.50


All Kid’s menu items come with jungle animal cookies for dessert. For kids & kids at heart. 

$7. 95

KID’S CAESAR SALAD – V Crisp romaine tossed in a garlic Caesar dressing, cotija cheese & garlic-cheese croutons.

KID’S QUESADILLA – V A giant grilled flour tortilla folded around melted cheese. Served with tortilla chips.

MOLLY NUGGETS Crispy dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets with curly fries.

MINI MOLLY DOGS  Crispy mini corn dogs with curly fries.

SURFER TACO – GF One Yucatan chicken or Kalua pork taco with yellow rice.

JESSICA’S BURRITO – V A giant flour tortilla folded around cheese, rice & black beans, topped with melted cheese. Served with tortilla chips.


MOLLY'S MAC– V Wheel-shaped pasta in gooey cheese sauce.

GRILLED SHRIMP Five big shrimp, grilled, served with rice & cucumber slices. Plain, Garlic-lime or Teriyaki.

FISH TACO One batter-fried fish taco on soft corn tortillas with cabbage, crema & cotija cheese, served with yellow rice.

GRILLED CHICKEN FINGERS Five strips of chicken breast, grilled, served with rice & cucumber slices. Plain, Garlic-Lime or Teriyaki.


For Cocktails check out the Molly’s Drink Menu on your table & ask your server for our wine & draft specials. 

SMOOTHIES $6.00 Pick up to three flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Mint, Coconut, Lime, Banana, Orange, Peach, Passion Fruit.

POP w/refills $3.00 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite



MILK $3.00

MOLLY’S JUICE SQUEEZE Mango & Passion Fruit purees topped with soda. $4.00


  • Strawberry, mango, peach, passion fruit, orange, pineapple, lime

LEMONADE w/ one refill $3.00

PEACH PALMER Tropical iced tea layered with Sweet Peach puree and lemonade. $3.50

TROPICAL ICED TEA w/ refills $3.00

COFFEE w/ refills $3.50

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness

Great Balls of Fire

Great Balls of Fire are our famous habanero cheese fritters!

Eat all five with ALL the sauce & get your picture on our HALL of FLAME!

5 Balls for $9.95 3 Balls $7.25 1 Ball $3.95

For more about our world famous Great Balls of Fire and our February King of Heat Fundraiser, click here.

Happy Hour

Daily 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. and last hour before closing


COTIJA CAESAR SALAD - V - Crisp romaine tossed with cotija cheese & garlic Caesar dressing, topped with pickled onions & garlic croutons.

Add Jamaican Jerk chicken or grilled Jerk tofu  - $3.50

SHANGHAI COWBOY ROLL - Crisp-fried eggroll filled with pulled pork, black beans & veggies, with spicy teriyaki & mint raita dips.

AFRO-CARIBBEAN BOLLITOS - V/GF - A trio of black-eyed pea fritters with garlic-lime aioli, smoked sesame-onion dip, coriander-onion sprinkle.

A CUP OF SOUP - Choose our Curry Lentil Dahl (GF) with sweet potato & crema, or Chicken Garlic Lime with croutons, pickled onion & cotija cheese. Both served with white tortilla chips.


VAMPIRE FRIES - V - A pile of our hurricane curly fries tossed in fresh garlic oil, with a side of garlic-lime aioli.

CHEESY POOFS - V - A trio of gooey cheese-filled fritters of chipotle mashed potato, with spicy salsa mo'cajete & cool crema.

RASTA RINGS - V - A mini mountain of hand-cut, beer-battered onion rings with a side of garlic-lime aioli.

BAJA FISH TACO - One of our famous fish tacos, beer-batter dipped, crisp-fried & served on white corn tortillas with garlic-lime aioli, crisp cabbage, salsa fresca, crema, cotija cheese & pickled onions.

PERUVIAN PLATITO - VE/GF - A perfect portion of warm aji & lime-spiked quinoa over black beans, with white corn chips & cilantro-onion sprinkle.


AJVAR LABNEH V (EYE-var LAHB-nay) - Warm eggplant-pepper dip (the Ajvar) & cold house-made yogurt spread (the Labneh) with Aleppo chile & olive oil, fresh cucumber slices & grilled flatbread.

QUESO MAC - V - Simply a cup of chile-spiked queso & macaroni, served with white corn tortilla chips.

MACHO NACHO - V/GF - A pile of white corn tortilla chips topped with spicy black beans, melted cheese, salsa fresca, crema, pickled onions & cotija cheese.


SLIDER TRIO 3 per order, all on toasted slider rolls (sorry folks, no mixing)

     CRISPY BOLLITOS SLIDERSV - Black-eyed pea fritters with sesame-onion spread & fresh pico.

     BAJAN FISH CAKE SLIDERS - Crispy grilled Saba fishcakes with Coral Reef aioli & herb-onion crunch.

     BBQ PULLED PORK SLIDERS - Tangy-spicy-sweet Tamarindo BBQ pulled pork & coconut-mango slaw.

MEMPHIS FRIES - Hurricane garlic fries topped with melted cheese, BBQ pulled pork, and crema.

KEPAK WINGS - Crisp fried, tossed in house-made sweet chile sauce, served over cucumber-carrot chow chow.






Molly's Craft Cocktails

Mojito - The legendary Cuban refresher. Fresh mint muddled with lime, shaken with white rum and splashed with soda. Original  $10.00   Add a fruit flavor  50 cents

Caipirinha - Score a goal with Brazil's national cocktail! Cachaca 51, lime and cane sugar.  $9.00

Lava Flow - Bacardi, banana and pineapple blended with a strawberry swirl. Mmm...fruity!   $10.00

St. Basil - Vodka, fresh basil & strawberry puree, shaken and served over ice with lemonade.  $10.00

Cucumber-Mint Limeade - Freshly muddled cucumber, mint and lime. Shaken up with vodka spiked lemonade! $10

Fishbowls and Pitchers

Margarita - Tequila, triple sec and our house-made sweet & sour, on the rocks or blended.

Glass  $7    Fishbowl  $21    Pitcher  $30

Flavored Margarita Tequila, triple sec and our house-made sweet & sour, on the rocks or blended with your choice of flavor: Strawberry, banana, orange, peach, passion fruit, mango, coconut, or pineapple! 

Single: $7.50     Fishbowl $27     Pitcher $33

Big Daddy Caddy – Molly’s top-shelf margarita with 100% agave tequila, house-made sweet & sour, topped with Grand Marnier and a splash of fresh OJ.

Glass  $8    Fishbowl  $24    Pitcher   $40

Fire-Rita - Our classic margarita made with a cilantro, jalapeno, lime infused tequila for that added spice

Single $8     Fishbowl $24     Pitcher $40

Amazombie – The Big Blue of punches…Citrus rum, tequila, Cachaca 51 sugar cane rum and 151 rum party together with a splash of house-made sweet & sour, pineapple juice and a splash of blue Curacao.

Pint  $10     Fishbowl  $30    Pitcher   $40

Mojarita – Our uniquely refreshing original…a cross between a Mojito and a blended Margarita.

Pint  $10      Fishbowl  $30    Pitcher   $40

Pain Killer – We know what you need. Vodka, OJ, coconut rum and pina-colada cream topped with cinnamon. A real soul soother.

Pint  $8  Fishbowl  $ 24  Pitcher  $35

La Fresca   - Hibiscus-infused Lunazul Reposado tequila, lime juice and home-made “Squirt” – pucker up!

Single $9.    Fishbowl $27     Pitcher $40

House Infusions

Fire Rita    - Our original infused jalapeno, lime and cilantro tequila, with our house-made sweet & sour, served on the rocks. You need to try this! $8.00   add a flavor .50c

Molly's Mule   - Tito’s vodka infused with fresh ginger, with fresh lime and ginger brew. Icy & refreshing! $9.00

La Fresca   - Hibiscus-infused Lunazul Reposado tequila, lime juice and home-made “Squirt” – pucker up! $9.00


*Our taps rotate frequently

Boneyard - IPA

Kona - Lager

Crux - Pilz

Nation Brewing - Amber-Lager

Hop Valley - Red

Swift - Marion Berry(Cider)





Bud Light

Coors Light





Negra Modelo

Omission Pale Ale (GF)

Buckler (Non-Alcoholic)

Red Stripe (Jamaica)

Cusquena (Peru)

San Miguel (Philippines)

Chang (Thailand)



Ask your server for our selection of draft beer for $5.00



Harken - Chardonnay $8.00

Del Rio - Chardonnay $8.00

Kings Ridge - Pinot Gris $8.00

Lujon - Reisling $7.00

Guenoc - Sauvingnon Blanc $7.00



Underwood Pinot Noir $8.00

Sokol Blosser Evolution - Red Blend $8.00

Conundrum - Red Blend $8.00

Carmenet - Cabernet Savingnon $7.00

CK Mondavi - Merlot $7.00

Dona Paula - Malbec $7.00



Acrobat $7.00

Jean-Luc Colombo $7.00


Korbel - Brut $6.00

Happy hour: 3-6pm daily and last hour of business

$1 off house cocktails and draft beers!





Sal's Sweet Stuff

Mango Cheesecake Bars
Mango-flecked cream cheese filling swirled with mango puree, on a brown sugar & graham crust. Served with mango sauce & crema. $7.00

Oh My Ganache! Chocolate Mousse Cake (GF)
Rich chocolate mousse rolled in a delicate flourless chocolate cake, glazed with chocolate ganache, served with raspberry-roasted red pepper sauce and bourbon caramel. $7.50

Pina Colada Bread Pudding
Sweet tropical pineapple & coconut baked into our moist, rich Cuban bread pudding, served warm with Tres Leches sauce. $6.00

La Dona’s Flan
Cool, creamy and palate-soothing sweet custard, with just the right amount of vanilla and a kiss of caramelized sugar. $5.50