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Dau Hu in Vietnam

By Salvador Mollys | December 11, 2007

Anne Parker updates us from Vietnam. I have been living in Hoi An, Vietnam for over a year now – wow time really does fly by! I had been living in Portland for over twenty years when my husband died and my life changed! I took a three month leave of absence and came to…


Pineapple, Mangos, and Massage in in Prachuap, Thailand

By Salvador Mollys | November 20, 2007

Barbara and Hal update us from Prachuap, Thailand. A little overcast today, but still really nice. Yes, the baht was a different rate when we came over last, but if you check exchange rates the US dollar is sinking against just about any other currency.We had a long walk up the beach yesterday to the…


Hurricane Dennis and Taco Bell

By Salvador Mollys | October 25, 2007

Timothy Keene updates us from Shreveport, Louisiana. It wasn’t what he said that sent me over the edge, but rather the situation I found myself in when he said it. “What?” “I found us a place to stay but it’s about an hour away and when we get there the guy won’t be home, but…


The Ulu!

By Salvador Mollys | September 12, 2007

Rick Sadle updates us from Alaska. I had a great time in Alaska in June of this year. I must say that I didn’t get many food inspirations there, except to be reminded how wonderful almost any fish is when it’s cooked and eaten within hours of being caught. But I did notice a funny…


Shebeen in South Africa

By Salvador Mollys | September 12, 2007

Rick Sadle updates us from South Africa. My South African guide Andy, not too long ago a jailed victim of the apartheid government’s brutal repression, led us down a muddy, cluttered, path between rows of ramshackle shelters in Langa Township a few miles outside of Cape Town. We headed through a doorway partially covered with…


African Peanut Sauce from Windhoek, Namibia

By Salvador Mollys | August 2, 2007

Rick Sadle updates us from Windhoek, Namibia. The days, weeks and months spent traveling are some of the best of our lives. When travel becomes life changing, when we incorporate something we experienced into our life back at home. Food of course is a great way to do that. My trip to Southern Africa was…


Our Mission

By Salvador Mollys | July 17, 2007

It may have started in 1990 while watching a nimble kid climb a coconut tree in Ocho Rios, with a cup of Blue Mountain coffee in one hand and a beef patty in the other. Or was it in at a street market in Oxcutzcab, Mexico in 1988 when tasting the amazing chicken in the…